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For the time being you can still check out my work here!!

This page will become my personal portal. Eventually, my work and projects will be moved to!

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Contact (Ask me for my CV!):



Twitter (I tweet nerdy things): @Xilefian

Some screenshots of what I do (If you like what you see, email me questions!):

Shader stuff for a C++ game engine I made (University final year project):

I programmed the 3D graphics engine for ECB Live (Coming to the App Store soon, email me for details):

Here's some of my more recent GLSL shader work with post-processing:

I also made a BSP rendering engine (University final year project):

Here's an object-oriented 3D graphics engine in C for iOS and Android (See shots above of the commercial App using this engine):

Some mobile games:

GLSL Shaders in RPG Maker VX Ace

Custom Networking engine in RPG Maker VX Ace

When I first started programming I made a number of software-rendered 3D graphics engines

Eventually I got better and in my first year of university I made this in a team project (The assignment was make a 2D game with SDL, naturally we were awared 100% marks for this 2D/3D game!):

I also made this with a team as a university project:

I also made this networking FPS game as a university project as a team:

And I did some Sony PSP stuff where I developed an algorithm based on ray-casting for visibility culling:

I also got awards for these two game-jam entries:

Hiya CA