Felix Jones

There’s one thing I never do, and that’s take a website out of the “under construction” phase.

I have been thinking for a while that I want a blog as I often have things to say that won’t fit in a tweet.

I did try giving Medium a go for a bit, but I wasn’t super happy about writing content for someone else to make money off, and also it is very slow on my old as fuck Mac Book pro, plus it made me feel like one of those weirdos who writes articles on LinkedIn.

And thus, once again, I’m going to try and build a blog. This time through GitHub pages (so you can see the terrible code behind this website for yourself).

My old webpage has been moved to classic.felixjones.co.uk, and the old-new blog is at classic.felixjones.co.uk/neo%20website (lol at younger me using %20 space).

I will still use Disqus for comments. It’s a bit evil with stealing your data and selling it, however I don’t think I really care about that right now. It’ll be default off, so I’ll only turn it on for posts that could benefit from that kind of thing. Also, if it sucks I can easily get rid of it.

Interestingly, whilst sorting out all my domains and fixing some old links I noticed that I wrote my old-new blog using a PHP that acts a bit like Jekyll, only without the markdown and requiring me to connect to an FTP server to upload a new post (GitHub Pages is way more accessible for me). Good job young me. Shame I didn’t use it as much as I should have.

My old website also had “About Me” and FAQ pages, which now read horribly dated. I guess now is a good time to update those?

About Me

Looks like last time I opened up with “I am Felix Jones”, which should be bloody obvious considering the domain name.

I will say that I have been blessed with my name, it was a great gift from my parents. The reason I parade my name around in full is because one time when I was in university (Kingston University London, graduated 2014 I think?) I was in the computer lab and one of the professors was walking up and down the room, calling my name in full looking for me. Eventually she found me, can’t remember what she wanted (probably wanted to tell me I’m awesome or something), but the next class immediately after that was in a lecture hall. Prior to the lecture starting, two people behind me were saying “Woah Felix Jones, that really is a cool name, sounds like James Bond”. They had no idea that the person infront of them was indeed the Felix Jones, and the experience gave me a big ego boost.

Upon graduation I decided I needed to have a “brand” if I were to get a job, so I turned my cool-as-heck spy sounding name into my “brand”. First move was get the domain “felixjones.co.uk”. In hindsight, this was a genius move and every graduate looking for a job, who has a cool name, should do this.

Before I forget: My web handle is Xilefian, and the Minecraft Wiki provides a lovely pronunciation guide.


Looking back, seems a bit egotistical to have an FAQ page about yourself. I remember at the time I was actually receiving these questions very frequently on various web forums, communities, and from random people at the pub.

Here’s my newest frequently asked question: Are you Xilefian the Minecraft dev? Yes I am. I even have a page on Moby Games.

Actually there is one thing on my old site that is kind of weird:

My opinions expressed are based on my own personal experiences and do not reflect any wider belief, also there’s never any subtext in what I write, so everything is face-value (ie; don’t try and quote me out of context!).

What the heck does this mean??? I suppose I must have had an issue with people quoting me out of context and twisting my words back in those days. I probably have that problem worse now than back then, but I think I’ve figured out how to handle it.

And now to push this page and get some sleep.